Yacht Sales Service

We hope that with our services in the Grand lake area you will find that we will do our best to providing you with a personalized experience when looking for the right boat or yacht. We currently have used yachts for sale already on Grand Lake. From a 25 foot ski boat to a 57 foot leisure yacht, we can most likely find the one that fits your expectations. 

Boats of any size are a serious investment and we take that decision to invest in something of this magnitude very seriously.  We use transparency as a policy so that you can make an informed decision with the vessels we have available and what each vessel offers. The vessels we offer are ones we services as well keeping them running each boating season. 

Our service is very affordable to all. We have had the opportunity to maintain the same service rate without increasing it so that you can be assured that you will not experience any surprises on your bill. What we offer in rates we commit to. If you are a boat owner on Grand Lake and you know someone that uses our services then you will find out that we are dedicated in providing affordable labor services rates as well as finding OEM replacement parts at lowest possible costs. We use a variety of resources and vendors that offer OEM and aftermarket replacement parts for marine engines and branded boat manufacturers.

One perception that escapes many is that the result of a service makes the resume of the provider so we are committed to customer experience with professionalism. 

If you need to make an appointment or wish to communicate to us what your vessel is doing or needs, please contact us at 918-944-0345. We are happy to help in any way we can.